Self Portrait 6

My self portrait is finally finished. Just looking back at all the time it took and the fustration I felt makes me really proud of my work. Now is it perfect, not even close but I’m still proud of it. I really had to work through my frustration on this one especially with the left eye. I kept trying to make everything match the other side even though I knew they weren’t the same. I had to put everything I learned in this class into this project and I’m satisified with the outcome. It taught me to stop trying to make everything perfect and to let it be the way it is. Because the beauty isn’t in the perfection, beauty is the imperfections.Image


Off Campus Event

For my off campus event I went to the museum for the Picasso to Warhol exhibit. I really liked seeing all the artwork from all the different artists. There were lots of paintings but there were also sculptures and different kinds of mirrors that were really cool. They had the famous Campbells soup cans in the Warhol section. There was also the girl looking into the mirror in the Picasso section. There was also a section of wire sculptures that looked kind of weird to me and there was also jewelry madeout of gold, bronze, and silver. There was also a painting called Twilight that was mostly black with different spots of blue green that I thought was gorgeous. I just loved the constrast of the complete blackness with the spots of color peeking out.

On Campus Event

For my on campus event I went to the Collage. Collage is a bunch of different artwork done by students around the Atlanta area. It was fascinating to see the different works of art of the students and their different styles. It’s like in class how everyone can be drawing the same thing but it is still uniquely theirs because everyone has a different style. One of the artworks I saw was a water painting that kind of looked like a rainbow covered cloud, but the way that she had the water paint kind of run down the page instead of it being neat and precise just made it mesmerizing. Looking at all the colors just made me think that it was happy but then I saw the lines going down and it made me think it was sad, so it gave me conflicting emotions. Another artwork that I liked was a giant spider in its web. It reminded me of our animals that we made since the spider was made out of different objects but in a much bigger scale. It looked so life like and real that I couldn’t believe that it was made out of twigs and yarn.

Self Portrait 5

I started with the neck and jawline today. I thought I had it done but it turns out that the angle of the left side of my jaw was more severe than it really is. Once I got the right angle, it looked much more realisitc.After I finsihed with the neck and jawline, I started the last part of my self portrait and what I deem to be the most difficult part, the eyes. I think the eyes are difficult because of the curve and slant of the eyes and of course all the different colors and shades of the eyes and the reflectiveness of them. There are so many different variations of shade and sometimes it’s the smallest little lines and dots that make it look real. When I did it the first time I made the eye way to big. After I measured it again I found that I could fit almost the whole eye on the paper, so I had to start all over. It was hard to get the slant of the eye and also the thin dark lines that surround your eye. It was one of the hardest things to make sure not to erase it because it is so thin in some spots. Doing the shading of the eye wasn’t as hard as I thought though. That is of course if I actually did it right. I think it really helped having done the shading on the rest of my face so I knew what I had to do to get the shade that was needed. Image

Self Portrait 4

Today was spent on getting the shading of my chin and cheeks right. I didn’t realize that there were so many variations of shade in my cheeks alone. Each slight angle and curve made a different shade which I guess would  make sense since that how you percieve depth in a drawing. I also had to get the angle of my jawline. I thought that they would be the same but because of how the light made the shadow on my face, each side was different. It was the same thing of letting my head get in the way of what I saw. I wanted it to be perfectly symmetrical when in real life, people aren’t perfectly symmetrical they have slight changes from one side to the other side of their faces. Image

Self Portrait 3

Today I worked on doing the top of the lips and my lips. It was really difficult to get out of trying to draw what I think it should look like instead of what I see. I made the line inbetween the lips a straight line at first but when I really looked it wasn’t completely straight. It had slight curves to it and not both sides of my lips were exactly the same. I had to get out of the mathematical part of my head and just go with what I saw. The same goes with the space inbetween my nose and lips. I was making everything straight and parallel to eachother instead of looking at the slight changes and the variation in the shading. Doing this helped me to get out of my head and look with my eyes.Image

Self Portrait 2

Today I started to do the left side of my nose which proved to be extremely difficult. It was harder because I had to reach across my paper to do it and it tended to block my view sometimes also for right handed people doing things on the left side is harder anyway. It wasn’t that big of a distance but it still was difficult. I had to keep redoing the left side because I either wasn’t getting the curves of the shadow right or the size wasn’t matching up to the right side. This is much like when people draw eyes. They do the right one which turns out really well but never seem to get the left one to look the same. It took me a bit longer to get the motion right but eventually I got it and by the end of the day I erased out the base for the cheeks and the space between my lip and nose. I learned that since it is harder for me to do the left side I also have to be more patient and not get frustrated with myself.